Florida Approves the use of “Evolution” in Schools

Well hallelooya, jesuschrist! The state school board, however, did stipulate “scientific theory of” must be placed in front of the term. It’s a start.

In the words of Job on Arrested Development, COME ON!!

Enough already, really. This is 2008 for crying out loud! Factual evidence proving the means of Earth’s birth and the evolution of the beings which inhabit this planet exist in abundance and have for decades. The idea of intelligent design or creationism is an insult to the very essence of common sense and good judgment. Leave it alone, people! If you want your kids to be myopic, unintelligent and unintelligible dumbasses, by all means – throw them into the nearest church excuse for a school. But don’t heap your addiction to the most recent ridiculous mythology onto the rest of us who appreciate evidence and truth and National Geographic.

I have an analogy. If you hate analogies, as many do, please stop reading and move on to the next blog about Ben and Jerry endorsing Obama. Thank you.

A Christian meets a believer in the Hawaiian volcanic diety, Pele, whose tempestuous personality causes the eruptions of the archipelago’s volcanoes. Obviously, the Christian thinks, the eruptions are caused by rock beneath the Earth’s crust melting and becoming magma, thus expanding – causing it to rise and, especially if it contains water and dissolved gases, burst forth through the surface in an explosive manner. We can prove that. There’s evidence and, really, it’s quite clear that the volcano erupts through basic geological developments and not the due to the ire of some mythical crazy lady.

Well, evolution-disbelievers, that’s what we think about you and your inability to progress normally that will eventually cause the downfall of your religion in its entirety. As humanity evolves, illogical religion, just as the myths of the ancient Greeks, will fade as education and information replace cult and control. Duh!


1 Response to “Florida Approves the use of “Evolution” in Schools”

  1. 1 Paige
    February 21, 2008 at 10:00 am

    OK, I’ll admit it. I am borrowing from S.J. Gould on this one. What folks do not GET is that the correct term is NOT “the theory of evolution.” The correct term is either “Darwin’s theory of evolution,” or “the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution,” or the current name for any of the other theories of the way evolution happens that biologists are working on.

    DID Y’ALL UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!????? EVOLUTION HAPPENS! Evolution itself is a fact, not a theory! Scientists even have many examples!!!

    The theory part is HOW it happens. Scientists are still studying – by using the scientific method! what drives speciation, how it takes place, and what happens on a genetic level.

    Understand that, and you understand why ID and creationism have absolutely no place in the science classroom other than as examples of what good science is not.

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