News of the Day 080215

  1. This is seriously the best piece of news I’ve read all week: Tom Scholz of the band Boston wrote a letter to Huckabee’s campaign, asking them to cease using their song “More Than A Feeling” at rallies, saying, “Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for.” Scholz goes on to say he is an Obama supporter. Hey Yuckabee – go back to Arkansas already and quit using your presidential campaign to audition for Television show!
  2. When are we going to insist people’s rights quit being trampled on under the guise of protection from terror? Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian pilot who was wrongly accused of training the 9/11 hijackers has won the right to sue the British government for compensation. He was arrested 10 days after 9/11, but the British government overturned the charges in 2002. He has been blacklisted from all airline jobs and says his life is ruined.
  3. Bush today again admonished Congress as though they were toddlers to approve the extension of the FISA legislation that covers wire-tapping, saying the Senate is preventing the government from protecting Americans by dragging their feet. Hmmm. What violence threatens American more than terrorism right now? Gun violence. Why don’t you protect me by getting semi-automatic weapons off the street and instituting gun control?? We face much more danger at home because of all the crazies with all the guns. Does Bush actually think we believe the words coming out his mouth? Retard.
  4. The White House, surprise, surprise, is asking the Supreme Court to review a legal decision requiring extensive evidence to classify the 180 Guantanamo detainees as enemy combatants. First, the administration creates a new word for “prisoners of war” so they don’t have to abide by the Geneva Convention in their treatment of these “detainees.” Skirting the law through semantics. I’d want bad things to happen to Bush if it didn’t mean Cheney would inherit the presidency. There is, however, one silver lining. And that’s #5.
  5. You can download a clock on Firefox for free that counts down the days until Bush is booted. We’re at 11 months and 6 days, people.
  6. Best gaffe: Jack Cafferty called Roger Clemens “Roger Steroids” by accident today. heehee.
  7. I love stuff like this: test your news retention on this MSNBC news quiz.

1 Response to “News of the Day 080215”

  1. February 16, 2008 at 11:44 am

    You are right that Bush is an idiot. Let’s hope that we can put a Democrat in the White House this year and stop the insanity.

    I think that the real solution to violence on our streets is to get tough on gun crimes (rather than more regulation of firearms) and look at how deal with the root causes like poverty and substance abuse. If gun control becomes a political issue this year, it isn’t going to help the Democrats win Middle America in a general election.

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