Voter Turnout

As fear overtakes the country that McCain has a good shot at being the next president of the country, I’d like to inject a little math that might allay much concern. Primaries are repeatedly concluding with democrat voter turnout over republican voter turnout. So, with a little calculator, the NYTimes Election Guide 2008 and a little rudimentary math, I calculated how many democrats and republicans have turned out in the state primaries.

Overall, counting primaries (not caucuses or “nominating contests”), 20,677,822 democrats have voted and 13,442,654 republicans have voted. So you don’t have to do math, that is a difference of 7,235,168. Democrats are turning out at a rate of over 50 percent of Republican turnout.

Republicans have turned out in greater numbers in the primaries of Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Michigan and Utah. The point here is that Florida and Michigan were not given delegates for the convention and, therefore, most likely experienced less democrat voter turn out than if they had been given delegates.

There are still quite a few primaries to go and who knows what will happen before then – perhaps the second coming of Christ will help the Republicans gather steam and head to the polls. But it seems that democrats are quite a bit more motivated this year that repubs. Score!

**BTW, it took a long time to add all the numbers and sometimes I have fat fingers, so if I’m off on a figure or two, get over and write a comment and I’ll correct it if need be.


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