I’m Alive (no, the pollution in Houston did not kill me)

Much has happened after the steel horse I ride took me on a jaunt down to H-town last week and past the rolling Texas countryside that is the focus of such political interest as of late. Isn’t it wunderbar?! I love that Texas is in the political headlines for a reason other than producing the biggest disaster of the 21st century, Goober W. Bush. Will we ever live that down? I think so, I mean, hell, we HAVE Willie Nelson. And he is a god. A long-haired, braided god.

Clinton held strong during SuperDuper Tuesday, but Obama has had eight straight victories since, including the Chesapeake/Potomac Primaries (what is that about? does a primary need more than one name??). Now, we’re looking down the road to Wisconsin, Texas and Ohio. HillHill is skipping Wisconsin for the most part – odd since she challenged Obama to a Wisconsin debate (to which he said no – BOOOYAH! D-nied, biznitch! – I say that all the time, I’m not just saying it now cause he’s black. You can ask anyone. Anyone.).

Everyone’s wondering if she’ll get the TX Latino vote and I’d like to say that I have an insight on said question, but simply eating ginormous amounts of Tex-Mex does not make me an expert on Hispanic voting patterns – even in the Lone Star State. SUPRISING, I know.

Honestly, I have NO idea whether the Latinos will jump the Clinton ship and become Obamacrats. Every time I see someone wearing an Obama shirt down here, it’s some white dude with that god-awful shaggy hair that’s in right now and they inevitably look too young to vote. But, then I still think I’m 28 for some reason and EVERYONE knows I turned 30 last month. Yuck for me!

Personally, I think a lot of people are still on the fence and waiting to see how Hillary handles her new underdog status and how Obama behaves as frontrunner. This election season is very much like this past college football season – so many #1’s and so many upsets and whammies and everyone complaining about the polls. Parallel universi.

Certainly, no fat ladies have sung or are even close to the mic or even in the parking lot.


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