Clinton vs. Obama II: Thoughts on Clinton Bio

Last week, I finished reading A Woman In Charge – a remarkable biography by arguably one of the best political journalists of our time, Carl Bernstein. My base, gut reaction to the book was an overwhelming desire to slap a lot of people. Really hard. And shake them a bit.

The intractable senselessness that guides politicians in their quest for power prevents them from ever truly attaining that which is their highest goal: success. Most especially presidents. They have reached the ultimate dream: spanking their opponents for the chance to govern from the loftiest soap-box in all the land. Then comes the hard part. Governing – which takes compromise and consideration and humanity. The job description changes from beating your opponents to working with them; which is hard to do for even the those of us with the purest of souls and best of intentions.

Politicians, however, do not lend themselves well to teamwork unless the team includes only those who agree with them. And, thus, governing (in any quality sense) is never truly achieved. Those original motivations – to help people and improve the lives of Americans – are left to rot in the forgotten memories squeezed out by the salivating grasps at victory. Perhaps American lives did improve on their watch. But that is by mere consequence. No president ever left office thinking, yeah, baby. That was awesome. I rock the kasbah.

No, they leave thinking, well, I tried my best. I accomplished some things and it if it weren’t for those scum-suckers across the aisle, I could have accomplished so much more. And they graduate the political melee to a position as elderly – I mean, elder – statesman and, in only in retirement, are they able to work for the greater good without having to sell their beneficence. Except for Clinton. He must have missed those melee days because he’s dusted off his membership card and put on a jersey. Makes me feel like I’m a ninth-grader all over again.

Which brings me to his wife. Hillary. Hill-Hill. The Hillster. Hill-a-bang-bang. Can I hear a whoop-whoop?

I do believe that Hillary wants whats best for America and its children and its welfare recipients and its pharmaceutical companies. She has never forgotten that which pointed her in the political direction and she will always have her sights set on those ends. That’s not what I worry about. It’s her means that concern me.

From her biography, I gather that she is inclined toward introspection and existentialism and remains loyal to the democrat ideals of community-interest rather than the more republican self-interest. Her rise up the ladder was a combination of the desire to help those who needed it, an intellect good enough to help those who needed it, an ambition strong enough to find the action, and a love for a man that upheld through thick and thin the determination that together, and only together, would they succeed.

But, as I said before, politicians are too senseless to ever truly succeed. And this is where I have issues with Madam Hillary.

While she has dreams for the betterment of humanity, she doesn’t understand that others have those dreams as well and the fact that their method for achieving them differs from hers, doesn’t make that method any less worthy of consideration. She wants to save the world her way and if anyone should stand in her, or her husband’s, path she would order them annihilated and they would deserve it because, after all she was trying to save the world! People! I guess they don’t want to save the world if they’re trying to stop me! The sheer notion that they would try to stop her means they are evil and want all the children in all the world to die horrible deaths of dysentery.

Okay. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get my point. And word has it that she has greatly improved in her ability to work with others since becoming a senator. My question is, why the sudden change from her time as first lady? It couldn’t be the singular fact that her husband played creepy-creeperson with an intern and killed their chance of having the most-revered presidency in U.S. history and she figured only through her would the Clinton legacy be one of Mandela-proportions… I don’t know why the change.

Her Hillaryland aides in The White House rarely quit, and low turnover is a clear sign she was at least a good boss. However, it is almost consensus among those who can say, that she surrounded herself with “yes” people. And let me give you one hint about how destructive that can be among those who hold the highest positions. Goober Bush is the poster child for insulating among the agreed. Think about where we’d be if Colin Powell had been a little more forceful in his opinions of the Iraq War.

Has she lost that arrogance and vision of herself as Mother Teresa? Has she lost that need to identify and smear an enemy in her quest to convince the masses her team is the better team? Have her political instincts improved, along with her ability to cooperate? Does she now appreciate challenge and debate as a policy tool, as well as intense research and education? Has she learned from her mistakes in a productive way, rather than simply how better to maneuver in Washington and play the game?

I don’t know. And, perhaps, I am over-simplifying her. But there is one more consideration to make.I highly doubt Bill has remained monogamous in his post-presidency. I highly doubt Hillary really gives a shit any more or that she ever really thought he could be monogamous. It isn’t our business in the least, is it? But the evil wretches among Republican death-squads (a term I borrowed from this Huffington Post Blog that was excellent) will not allow us to live our lives without harassing details of the First Pimp’s sex life. And I don’t know if I can swallow all that again. And again.

The bottom line is that Hillary’s positions are much in line with my own. I need to hear more about the mandated part of her health care package, though. But, she will work toward a vision I share for the most part. It’s how she will work that I question. And I am still reserving judgment. My primary is March 4 and I have more research to do. Certainly, I will not scream to the heavens if she is elected, but I’m also not sure she deserves my vote.


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