It’s So Hard To Be So Good

Our democratic candidates put the gloves back on and tried to make a few soft jabs when they weren’t busy patting each other on the back. Woopity-doo. The lack of interruption from Wolf did mean the candidates get to talk a bit more at-length about their issues and the conversational manner was so much better than watching their campaign speeches on the road as they shout into the microphone in the same manner my middle-school teachers use to use during fire drills. Please move calmly to the exits! Every child deserves health care!

Overall rating: Booooooring. And this is the last day before Super Tuesday. I expected those two to reign it in a bit, but come on! We didn’t even get any Hillary shoulder-shrugging, closed-eye, raised eyebrow “You’re retarded if you don’t know how awesome I am” type statements. I don’t believe Barack’s oratory skills are what everyone claims they are – he is easily interrupted, spoken over, and he uses “ah..ah” way too much to formulate arguments in his head. If he goes up against McCain, I don’t think that will be an issue though.

Best meaningless one-liners of the night: 

Obama – In response to a question assuming the U.S. government is like a business and neither Obama or Hillary have run a business, what would qualify them for president more than Romney, Obama says it doesn’t look like Romney has received a good return on his investment in the race for The White House.

Clinton – In response to a question regarding a possible Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton alternating presence in The White House, Clinton responded that it took a Clinton to clean up the first Bush’s mess and it’ll take a Clinton to clean up the second Bush’s mess.

Noticeable things to Notice:

  • All the celebrities in the crowd. There were a bunch. Some I had thought were dead…
  • That awful Hillary laugh was back. Yikes! “I laugh at you, you imbecile!!” (makes me shudder)
  • Chelsea’s dress at the end of the night – way Little House on the Prairie-ish. I certainly wouldn’t have rushed on stage after the debate with that on.

I did enjoy seeing the preview we’ll get when we have solidified Repub and Dem candidates and the Dem campaign slogan strategy of saying that electing a Repub will mean the continuation of Bush’s policies. Moreover, and I’ll borrow a phrase of the icky Pat Buchanan’s, that McCain is basically Bush on steroids. Word, Pat. Word.
Were any minds changed or any decisions solidified tonight? I don’t think so.

Oooh, CNN announced Snoop Dogg will be on Larry King tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll buy some Courvoisier and curl up for that quality programming.


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