Rick Perry – Sayonara, Jackass!

My favorite moment watching the Florida primary unfold was a short media clip showing TX Gov. Rick Perry give Guiliani and introduction on the day he was so lose his biggest political bet. Perry endorsed Giuliani back in October when Giuliani was still the inevitable Republican nominee. The early endorsement was an unabashed attempt by arguably Texas’ worst governor to throw his name into the hat of Vice President candidates.

Oh what a difference a day and disastrous political strategy makes!

As politically cartoonish and empty as Romney, Perry has committed enough blunders that would seemingly eliminate him from such national political echelons.

A smidgen of the blunders Mr. Veto himself has committed: issuing a governor’s mandate requiring girls to receive the HPV vaccination while former members of his staff worked for the vaccination’s producer, Merck, and the company had donated money to Perry AND trying [and failing] to fast track the permitting process for the building of coal plants before the application of stricter environmental restrictions, receiving donations from “interests associated with the projects“.

Well, now Perry’s horse is out of the race and, hopefully, any avenues for his political advancement die their rightful death. Of course he’ll be looking for that next opportunity to enhance his power portfolio and the next donation dollar for which he will undoubtedly perform “services.”

Personally, I wish Romney and Perry would simply be banished to Old Spice or Just For Men commercials where they belong.


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