Clinton vs. Obama I: Reading Biographies

The Texas Primary is March 4 and, as many of the 24-hour news channels are purporting, Superduper Tuesday might not serve as the king-maker and put a period to the primary campaign cycle has it has previously. It’s been so long since a vice-president has not run in a presidential race, we’re in new territory as far as being so far into the primaries without having a true candidate in either the Republican or Democrat Parties. Ergo (love that word), Texas and Ohio might play a much more important role in candidate nominations than we are used to.

As a government major, I have held my ability and responsibility to vote in the highest regard (shut up! i know that’s cheesy), but with an election such as this and a disastrous presidency such as Bush has had, voters are raising their political voices as never before. While all our votes are powerful expressions of our desires for the direction of the country, our vote for president this year is bringing peeps out in record droves – even during the primaries! Bush’s abhorrent policies are motiving all voters in 2008 the way the gay-ban amendments motivated evil evangelical voters in 2004. Bet Karl Rove couldn’t have predicted that one. Maybe when he’s in hell, he’ll see the error of his ways. Forced to have sex with Ann Coulter. That’d be anyone’s version of hell….

Well, my plan was to vote for New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in the primary, despite the rapid growth of that double chin – jeez, Bill (eat some salad, for crissakes!). I’ve been following his policies and international diplomacy for years and have always respected his opinion and foresight and motivations, blah, blah, blah (Seinfeld). As we all know, the bastard dropped out. He says he’ll endorse someone by the end of the week, and that it won’t be about past ties (referring to Clinton, undoubtedly). I think he’ll choose whomever he thinks will win so he can get a prime seat at that cabinet round table. My GUESS is that it’s Clinton – she won Nevada and is in the lead heading into Superduper Tuesday, but he’s apparently been getting a lot of constituent calls to back Obama. Well, he can always run for the senate if he doesn’t get the invite for the cabinet. Either way, his career is long from over and he’s just recently experiencing good national traction. So, good for him. Looking forward to his future.

His abdication left me with a dilemma I did not want to face. Clinton vs. Obama, Obama vs. Clinton. I didn’t know what to do, I mean Oprah has no influence on my political decision-making, unfortunately. As a Republican in my youth, I voted for Dole over Clinton in 1996 – so I have no history supporting them (and, yes, they would co-president) and as far as Obama goes, his lack of experience could be a detriment and I just don’t know that much about him.

So, I did what any self-respecting political junkie would do. I bought Carl Bernstein’s biography of Hillary Clinton, A Woman in Charge and David Mendell’s biography of Barack Obama, Obama (aptly titled) and will read both before I decide for whom to cast my vote. Booyah, way to delay the inevitable. Well, I’m almost finished with Clinton’s and will blog about that berry, berry (in the words of Apu) soon.


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