WOOOHOOOO!! Last SOTU by Bush! It’s time to bring out The Game.

I’ll admit it. I have never played the State of the Union drinking game. I’ve known about it, talked about it and considered it. The mere fact that Bush was our president and raking this country across the proverbial worldwide coals was little cause to celebrate during previous SOTUs. Therefore, I started drinking way before the SOTU got started and continued throughout the address, unabated by the restrictions inherent in a drinking game.

After having cut back on our alcohol consumption, as increasing age requires, Brendan and I deserve to celebrate this evening. It is a momentous occasion, justifying- no demanding – our joyful participation replete with established gulps of a previously-determined alcohol upon Bush’s uttering certain terms or phrases during his speech.

For those of you who wish to participate, visit this link for the rules.

It’s time to look to future, people. Let’s put these horrific years of backwards policy behind us as only we know how. Partying every chance we get in merriment and revelry with the knowledge that George W. Bush will be FORMER president in less than a year. Hallelooya!


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