Mr. Clinton, you sir, are getting ugly.

The debate rages as to the quality of Bill’s contribution to Hillary’s campaign. To quote inexactly a commentator on CNN, he is relinquishing his role as statesman and taking up the part of political operative. Quite right, I would say if I were British. Quite right.

It is likely Bill feels he owes Hillary whatever he can offer her campaign, not just as her husband, but as her political partner who has stood by him through intensely difficult times. Had she chosen to divorce him in the late 1980’s after he had fallen in love with another woman, as any sane wife would do, he never would have reached the political apex of president of the United States of America. We all know the ins and outs of the Lewinsky deal and I’d rather not touch that one. The topic is already overexposed, as far as I’m concerned and almost put me off cigars completely.

And Bill probably just likes the battle. Hillary is in her element when she’s in a dogfight and has her sites set on a target. That isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but Bill most likely shares that appetite for attack. It’s become his retirement pastime or something. In any case, I’m soooooooo over it. Turn the page, you dig?

If NOTHING else (and there is alotta else), Bill is reminding me of what I didn’t like about his presidency. The condescending manner with which he addresses the press (because a politician is a civil servant and sooooo much better than a ratings-seeking journalist. give me an effing break), the inability to keep it about the issues, not the campaign, and eliminate vitriol from strategy. There will be negativity galore when it’s time to face the Republican nominee directly. For now, he needs to keep under the collar.

Of course, keep anything IN or UNDER anything else wasn’t his strong suit. I just picture having to deal with his antics again and his psychological need to seek the intimate attentions of other women. We’re used to presidents cuckolding, but how will we deal with a president being cuckolded? Sure, it shouldn’t be an issue. But it will be. It always is.

Do we want to watch Bill for at least another four years playing bad cop for his wife’s policies? We’ve reviewed his presidency through rose-colored glasses, as many have Reagan’s, but those years were hard to get through much of the time and the manner he has recently portrayed during his charity work has simply been a white-washed version of himself. I don’t know if I want the real-deal back again. Make no mistake, we’re not just voting for Hillary. We’re voting for Bill all over again. My recently-discovered favorite term is “Billary”, but it will soon get as annoying as “Brangelina.”

So, shut it Bill, for the love of all that is good and political. With each of your ridiculous comments, I move one step closer to checking the box next to Obama.


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