Obama Takes S.C.

We knew it was going to happen. Certainly it isn’t the political devastation for HillHill all the commentators are claiming, including my beloved Carl Bernstein, who termed the loss, (paraphrasing) “The worst night of her political life.” Helloooooo, it was South Carolina and while everyone agrees she was going to lose, they’re simply saying no one expected such a huge spanking. Were people really thinking African-American women were going to side with Hillary over Obama? Hell no, as Amy-the-young-Republican commentator who is on CNN, MSNBC and Bill Maher said recently, black women identify themselves first as African-American and women second. They were going with Obama no matter what, despite Clinton’s fairly stellar history in the area of Civil Rights. It seemed obvious to me. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe people who have to say whether it was an ass-wuppin or not are too close to the action to see the forest for the trees.

AND, I don’t think it will make a huge difference going forward. Hillary is polling ahead of Obama in all the states voting on superduper Tuesday except his home state of Illinois. Perhaps the governor and both senators of Massachusetts giving Obama their endorsement will help, as will Caroline Kennedy’s NYTimes editorial. But California and New York will almost certainly go Hillary’s direction.

Either way, it’s great Obama won S.C. – the longer we can keep the race for The Whitehouse alive without crowning a king or queen is better for the country. It keeps us talking about policies, characters, experience and hopes. The discussion stays alive and, in many ways, the discussion is the most important thing. Maybe this is one of those the journey is the destination-type things. We’re idealistic now, but the next president will inherit a mess and will, no doubt, disappoint in one way or another. We need to appreciate our ability to be idealistic while we can.

Plus, I haven’t chosen between Hillary or Barack yet.


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