Kucinich is Dunzo

Kucinich has dropped out of the race for the presidency. Will I miss him? Um, no. First of all, he’s vegan. And I don’t trust those people. The lack of iron in the blood and inherent anemia simply be too distracting for leader of the free world. And I do not believe eating meat is wrong. Veal, we can talk about. But, seriously, what other purpose would cows serve? Comedic relief? I think not.

Certainly, the make-out sessions with his wife (who is my age) on stage after the debate made me want to hurl. I mean, they were engaged by their third date. What kind of judgment is that??? And if I have to hear any male say he’d hit that in a heartbeat and saluted Kucinich’s Amazon woman coup, I’m going to hurl. Maybe if this were France, but it’s not and I can’t spend the next 4-8 years picturing how that short, gnomish man and that tall, British red-head with her hair always pulled to one side engage in the “grown-up”, as my cousin calls it. It would be like solving one of those Chinese puzzles.metal-puzzle.jpg


I know, I’m being juvenile and should only judge the man on his political policies. OH WELL! He dropped out and I can be juvenile as long as I want! And not vote for a man who would lose to Hillary at arm-wrestling. Seriously, her balls ARE bigger than his. And he can shout policies I agree with, like getting out of Iraq and stop outsourcing the war, as long as he wants, but if no one will listen to him, he’s useless to me. And he’s from Ohio and I HATE the Buckeyes.


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