Intelligent Political Debate (with sarcasm)

As a political junkie who used to perform international geopolitical analysis on a daily basis, it is difficult for me to watch the 2008 campaigns in this most significant election year and simply comment to the “lucky” few around me. I have an appreciation for the political opinion websites because the Internet invaluably allows we are interested parties to exercise our voice – a gift that should never be taken for granted.

Raised mostly in Texas, my political origins were embedded in Republican ideals, as you can imagine. (I have the kind of family that refers to the Civil War as the War of States’ Rights. You can see what I’m talking about) My increasing discovery of the world around me and motivation to recognize the necessity of operating as a community and not merely an individual has refocused my paradigm. While I will never claim certainty or righteousness and will operate with an open mind, I speak my opinion as one who is informed and in constant search for more information. Proper decision-making requires education. And votes and opinions are proving more valuable all the time.

The old guard is slowly retiring their post of self-interest and fear of the unknown. This is an opportune moment for us to stand and challenge one another in an effort to strengthen our political participation and knowledge of those who seek to govern us. In our effort to hone our political consciences, we must never insult one another or think we have a monopoly on “right”. When you cease to learn and listen, your mind becomes petrified and you are no longer useful. Condescension proves nothing other than you can no longer defend your ideas legitimately.

I search for reason and ration and logic in all the decisions I make and all the opinions I form. I seek it in the opinions and views of others. Here, in the southern edge of the Bible Belt in which I live, logic can be a tricky bugger to find. But it’s getting easier. Mostly in the comments of political pieces I read. So, I know those of like mind are out there and that’s comforting. Instead of populating the comment regions of political and news websites, I decided I wanted my own comment page – for catharsis if nothing else. It’s time to stop shouting at the television, if you know what I mean.

Please feel free to leave comments or start a discussion. I live for this stuff. Just don’t be an asshole. There are enough of those in the game already.


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