Judging Bush’s Legacy

Bush has repeatedly claimed that history will judge his administration only after he has died.

Question. Does he plan on committing suicide right after he leaves office? Maybe he’ll “accidentally” drive off a bridge.
Has someone not told him that we’ve pretty much figured out how to judge Carter’s presidency (mmm, not so great. that revolution in iran kinda killed things), Reagan’s presidency (we whitewash it now, but iran-contra remains commonly-used vernacular), Bush Sr.’s presidency (saved kuwait since they had oil, then we fell into a recession), and Clinton’s presidency (lucky-ass rise in the economy with the tech boom, gross-ass activities with a cigar).

And all those presidents are STILL alive. Except for Reagan, of course. But he’d probably still be alive if he wasn’t so old when he was elected. Duh.

Reagan was 69, just shy of his 70’th birthday when he was inaugurated. Bush was 55.

I’m guessing we’ll have Bush’s presidency wrapped up by January 30, next year. Unless Congress decides to indict him for war crimes or one of the other many, many crimes he’s committed while in office. Then maybe history will say “George W. Bush, former president and convict.” That would be sweet. Come on – how many convicts does Congress have? They should share the wealth on ethics investigations. It’s obvious Cheney’s over there, just asking for it. Sitting there and asking for it. Saying, “Come and get me you sniveling, wretched lawmakers, you!” He’ll probably lock himself up in his man-size safe with his bird-shot shotgun by his side shouting words like “impudent!” and “undermining!” and “menace!”. Do those man-size safes work with magnets? Do magnets stop pace-makers?


It’s going to be a hard retirement for Bush. He’s moving to Dallas. And I’ll be able to toilet-paper his house whenever I want. I’ll be keeping Charmin in business!


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